What We Want For Every Student

Grow Into God's Image

We want to help every  student become more like Jesus. We do this by gathering as one family to grow, learn and seek the Lord together. This happens at events, small groups, bible studies, and Wednesday night gatherings.

Reflect God's Image

We desire for every student to honorably reflect the image of Christ in their every day life. We encourage students to obey the Lord at all times and serve with their God-given gifts in order to build God's church. This service and obedience is lifelong.

Multiply God's Image

We encourage students to be fruitful and multiply. Our aim is to empower them to be Godly leaders and send them out to preach the gospel and make disciples. We have leadership training to teach students how to move others towards Jesus.

What We Do For Every Student


When we gather in the name of Jesus, our students will be taught from the word of God. We believe truth is what transforms hearts and lives, so we aim to boldly, accurately, and lovingly preach the word of God. As students are taught God's truth, we believe God is faithful to build and mature them with that truth.


When we teach students God's word, our end goal is not just for them to know more information. Our hope is that these students would be trained up to live as children of God in the midst of a world full of darkness. We are training them to be ambassadors of God's kingdom, and God's truth is what equips them for life. 


God desires for His people to be transformed into the image of Jesus Christ, and Jesus makes it clear that this doesn't happen without God's word. Our desire is for students to become more like Jesus every time we gather in His  name. Everything we do is purposed to sanctify God's church and build students up as leaders.

What We Value As A Community


We boldly stand for the truth because truth is non-negotiable.


We refuse to do anything without prayer, because God’s presence changes everything.

God First

We prioritize God’s glory, God’s word, and God’s Kingdom in everything we do.


We do what we can in faith that God will do the impossible through us.


We give preference to one another and esteem every person as being made in God’s image.


We are United in Sacrificial Service towards one another because the love of God is what makes us one.


We empower leaders who will advance God’s Kingdom, because God’s work doesn’t stop at us.


Our ultimate goal is to grow more into the image of Jesus together, and we won’t be stopped.


We bring our best in everything because we are servants of a worthy God.

Biblical Integrity

We aim to live pure, transparent, consistent, and honest lives in the sight of a holy God.


We are created to enjoy God and His people, and fun will happen.